Support Me, Support You is a resource for social care providers in Scotland. It is one of four National Guides on Self-directed Support which each explain the implications of self-directed support legislation and statutory guidance to specific audiences: providers, practitioners, carers and people who receive support.

Support Me, Support You is based on work done in partnership with provider organisations across Scotland. The guide’s sections are those that providers have identified as particularly challenging as they work through the implications of self-directed support for their organisations.

What does the guide cover?

Self-directed support and personalisation are about fitting the support to the person and, in recognition both of this, and of the complex environment that providers operate in this guide does not offer a ‘recipe’ or single answer to how to make self-directed support happen. Each individual organisation, working with their individual supported people has the expertise and knowledge to do this themselves.

Instead the guide covers:

  • key questions and practical tips
  • areas of focus of system and cultural change
  • examples from practice
  • links to additional resources, toolkits and information

How do I use the site?

You can read the website thematically (each section covers a theme; examples from practice on that theme; and links to additional resources) or simply dip into the library of practice examples.

I’m new to personalisation and self-directed support where do I start?

If your organisation is at the very start of its journey to personalisation and self-directed support you will also want to check out Progress for Providers a suite of useful resources for providers developed by Helen Sanderson Associates.

Who wrote this guide?

Support Me Support You  was funded by the Scottish Government and written by Providers & Personalisation. Special thanks is due to the Advisory Group membership who shaped the guidance and to those who shared their practice examples and gave us their views as the guide developed.