Bridging Strategic and Operational Worlds

Has the strategy developed into a plan, and do operational leads support it? Are you clear in your mind about what people in your organisation need to do – and your role in making it happen? Do specific leaders need to be aware that parts of the org need to change? Does your organisational structure affect your ability to communicate with services? How would it feel if your work with operational colleagues could be used as an example of how Strategy and Operations can work together? How do operational leads perceive progress with personalisation? How much do operational leads understand about SDS – and your role? If your colleagues have beneficial knowledge to share, that could be a good way to involve them and acknowledge their expertise? Is it always desirable to have a personalisation team or officer? Or can they be isolated and miss out on embedding the learning across the organisation?

Bridging operational and back-office roles

What are the differences between back office and operational teams? Are finance and back office staff looking at SDS? Would highlighting service users’ needs and the gap in back office systems help? What would it take for the back office people to have the same passion as the frontline? How polarised is the organisation? Can you avoid an ‘us and them’ situation? Have you found out what people need? If they are not buying into the vision, is this due to lack of understanding, willingness, time, or ‘change’ fatigue? Could you do more for people to understand what you’re trying to achieve? If there were practical examples of what they need to do, would that help? What are the consequences of the system not catching up with the visions? Who would feel that?