Project planning

Where has your guidance come form in the past? Have you completed one phase, and there is now a new phase? Is the next project separate, different from the current one? Is there documentation or learning from the project so far that would be helpful? Who decides the future focus? Is it about having space to develop the idea? What is your theory of change, and who knows it? Have you tried a logic model or driver diagram? Do you need to be detailed, or do you need to leave space in your project plan for things to evolve? Is there one Local Authority you’d be a more willing participant with, to pilot in partnership?


What are the opportunities for your people to tell you what they want? Consultation? What do people get out of using your service? Are there other funding opportunities based on these outcomes? Have you got good individual relationships with your funders? What worked last time? How can you get a picture of what the funder wants this time? What do you need to know to be able to write the funding application? Will you be selling the reality or selling the dream? Or a bit of both? Do you need to be detailed or do you need to leave space in your project plan for things to evolve? How can you manage any anxiety about the perceived need to get on with quickly to get funding? Is there a role for your organisation to influence the purchasing environment? Would it be useful to have a target for where the proportions of your income come from? Do you want a project funder if they anchor you to outputs that don’t make sense?


Are you clear what you are trying to market and to whom? How important it is to have unified messages/approaches to marketing? Have you captured what you are doing already (with marketing)? It might not be that you need to do more, but do it more coherently? Is it about marketing as a function – or as a strategy? Whose job is it? Do you have a schedule for rolling out your marketing plan? You have goodwill behind you – can you bring that with you? Do you have a clear map of where referrals come from?