Culture Change

What is the organisation’s commitment to personalisation? Is the cultural change for SDS part of a bigger change? Is culture change the ‘end’ – or just the ‘means’? If change is difficult, does this reflect how important it is? Is it your job to resolve organisational tensions? Or to implement SDS – how interlinked are they? What do you have to do? Are there parts of your organisation you can’t change? Are small scale projects the way to go, or it is desirable to take a whole organisation approach? Is your organisation resistant to change in general? Or has there been a lot of organisational change recently? Could buy-in be sought through emphasising creativity and improved outcomes for service users? How do you create a sense of urgency? Do you recognise and acknowledge when you have completed a phase, and distinguish that from new phases? Is it SDS that is important? Or the processes/services that support choice and control? Do you need confidence in the team? Do they need confidence in you? Or in themselves? Do you have examples of positive change, even if they are small? What is the impact of not changing? Do people know that? Is it a communication or a prioritisation issue? Would linking it back to the needs/concerns of ‘paying customers’ help? Is there a way to get people to identify with SDS, to help them change?

Innovation and learning

Are you aware of any similar pieces of work? Could they be of use to you? Is there a Local Authority you’d be willing to develop pilots with? Is there an opportunity to share learning beyond the Local Authorities you currently work with? Could you link up with partner organisations to share learning? Is there an opportunity for your role to be a go-between to share learning between services/departments? Have you made sure that the people who are driving this are aware of the resource issues? Is the structure in place to feedback to the people driving this? Is it worth service managers talking together about share approaches, what they’re doing? Who is the right person to find, e.g. someone who shares your frustration? To what degree can you do things to help senior management see?