Focus and clarity of purpose

Where does your post fit into a bigger strategy? Who are going to be the driving forces in your organisation? Are you one of them? Where’s the most useful place to put your energy? How do other people play their part? Are you clear in your mind about what people in your organisation need to do? Does everyone understand what your role is? Do you acknowledge your own goals? What are you getting out of it? At what point does this become a bad use of time? When do you need to step back?

Garnering support

Do you feel that you have support in your organisation? Who supports your perspective? Polarised? Old guard, new guard? Would it be worth stakeholder mapping? Are the right people around the table? What do you think are their reasons for being involved? Where is the leadership/ ownership in this process? Who do you need to share your thoughts/ideas/plans with to help you take it to the next stage?

Sources of influence

What types and sources of information do people in your organisation respond to, and how can you build on that? Could buy-in be sought through emphasising creativity and improved outcomes for service users? Would linking your proposals to the needs/concerns of ‘paying customers’ help? Is there a way to get people to identify with SDS, to help them change? At the moment, who knows about SDS, and who needs to know? Are there ways of demonstrating the importance of your work to bring other people on board? As well as training, do you have informal opportunities to influence people? Is it possible to empower others? Or can you support them to empower themselves? Do you have small examples of when you were able to provoke change? Signs of positive change? What is the impact of not changing? Who would feel it? Do people know that?

Personal influence

If you have experience as a service manager, are you making the most of it? Is that perspective being heard? Can you reconsider the dialogue you have ‘up the way’ in the organisation? If you need to plan difficult conversations – what’s the best/worst that could happen? What can you do to prepare? Do you have belief and confidence in your arguments – and yourself? How comfortable are you with ‘provoking’? What other strategies might you try?