Definitions and style

How do you understand and define leadership? How comfortable are you with this? What is your default leadership style – and is it right for you now? Is there a style you want to emulate? Is strategy/business development a partnership with practice/operations? What time/support/opportunities do you get to reflect on your leadership role? Does your management structure affect your ability to communicate with services? Does everyone understand what your role is?

Prioritising and focus

Where’s the most useful place to put your energy? How do other people play their part? Where does your post fit into a bigger strategy? Do you know how you spend your time? Time management course? Do you know how you would like be spending your time in future if you achieve your goals? Can you delegate and allow time for thinking more strategically? Do you acknowledge your own goals? What are you getting out of it? How far are you from your goal? At what point does this become a bad use of time? When do you need to step back? Are you making the most of your experience as a service manager? To get that perspective heard? Cost/benefit analysis of where you need to act and where you need to stand back? Options appraisal might let you walk away more comfortably once projects have been developed? Do your senior managers know what they want to do next? Is it your job to resolve organisational tension? Or to implement SDS – or are they interlinked?

Leadership in context

Where is the leadership/ownership in this process? Is the problem a lack of leadership from others? Have you made sure that the people who are driving this are aware of the resource issues? Do you have allies that are worried about the impact of SDS? How do you get staff engaged and not just feeling it’s another task? How do you help staff to see that this is something that will help them? Are there other ways for you to engage with services? How do you create a sense of urgency about SDS?