Organisational strategies for SDS

Do your senior managers know what they want to do next? Do you have any mechanisms for leaders to explain the organisation’s personalisation strategy? Do you have clarity of the full range of SDS options you offer? How do you get a view of what different local authorities are doing? Is there a role in your organisation to influence the purchasing environment? Is your organisation reluctant to change in general? Or has there been a lot of organisational change recently? Is it SDS that is important? Or the processes/services that support choice and control? Is there such a thing as strategic firefighting? Fire crews don’t rush in to tackle a blaze, they assess it, assign roles, monitor progress. What happens if you let some fires burn?

Business development within the wider strategy

Where does your Business Development post fit into a bigger strategy? Where’s the most useful place to put your energy? How do other people play their part? Are you working with a strategy that looks forward? Are there times that documents/strategies can be particularly helpful? How comfortable are you with the longer term strategic timescale, compared with the immediacy of SDS? Are you happy with the direction the strategy is taking you? Do you need a specific Personalisation post, or a specific team in the organisation? Are small scale projects the way to go, or it is desirable to take a whole organisation approach?

Organisational systems

Are finance and back office looking at SDS? What is your aspiration for how services should be? Is this reflected in the systems you use? How effective are support and supervision processes at reinforcing this? What is the appropriate place for people and groups who have been delegated to develop systems to share their findings? Do you have confidence that the people and groups are well-connected within the organisation? Are they checking back with operational teams? How can you help staff to see that new paperwork is not just a burden, but helps the client? Is all the paperwork used/helpful? What is it vital to record? How can you highlight the consequences of paperwork not being done? Is it worth service managers talking together to share approaches? Which functions/services are more important? How important are Finance and Administration functions? How important is it to resource things, i.e. rather than doing more, how can you do things more coherently?