Partnership – and leading across boundaries

Is there potential to work with other similar organisations? Could your organisation support or mentor others? How do you get a view of what different local authorities are doing? Is there an opportunity to share learning beyond the local authorities you currently work with? Could you link up with partner organisations to share learning?


What mechanisms do you have for leaders to explain the organisation’s personalisation strategy? Who are your supporters? Who are going to be the driving force in your organisation? Are you one of them? Who do you need to share your thoughts/ideas/plans with, to help take it to the next stage? Is there ‘buy-in’ from everybody in the organisation? At the moment, who knows about SDS – and who needs to know? How do you work with people if they have not ‘invited’ you to do so? How do you get staff engaged and not feeling it’s just another task? How can you help staff to feel that this is something that will help them? What are their shared needs? What’s in it for them? Is it that you need confidence in them? Or that they need confidence in you? Or in themselves? Could buy-in be sought through emphasising creativity and improved outcomes for service users? Finance officers and ‘back office’ aren’t talking about SDS on a regular basis like we are – are there problems about ‘buy-in’ – or is it about communication?

People who use services

What are the opportunities for people to tell you what they want? Consultation? Is there a way for service users to become volunteers, SDS champions? Is there a role for people with lived experience to be a resource, or litmus test on how SDS is progressing? Do they feel they’ve had an impact? How do you work with people unless they ‘invite’ you to do so?

External stakeholders

Will have a different engagement strategy for different people? Are the people driving the change powerful enough to make it happen? Will systems change if it’s only driven from one ‘side’? Should you seek allies in other providers for this piece of work? Who else could benefit from your learning? Would using your project as a ‘feather in the Local Authority’s cap’ be a useful strategy? Do you know what you need from Local Authorities? Are there opportunities to learn together with Local Authorities? Could you have a role as a mentoring organisation?