Option 2 toolkit

‘Option 2’ of the Social Care (Self-directed Support) Scotland, Act (2013) was created to give people the maximum possible control and choice over the support they receive without the person having to manage the money directly.

Interactive process tool

Learn about the process of Option 2 and how it affects each involved party at each stage.

Interactive process tool

For a person to have this control and choice the supporting processes (backstage) need to run smoothly and effectively. Getting this to happen has proved difficult for contracting authorities and providers due to the complicated nature of the social care system and the challenge of changing established ways of working.

If we’re serious about making Option 2 work then changing these processes is crucial- but where do we start?

In 2017-18 a group of people from providers and local authorities got together to develop a toolkit to help solve common Option 2 .The tools are available here: