What does it mean for the person receiving support?

The support planning process itself – the act of considering the outcomes and pulling together a plan – can make a significant difference to the person‘s life.

A good support plan will demonstrate a link between the supported person’s eligible needs, their wider outcomes and the support required to meet both. It will be written in a language that is meaningful to and helpful to the supported person.

What does it mean for the support provider?

Depending on the wishes of the supported person planning could involve any combination of:

  • a social worker and/or health professional;
  • the provider;
  • an advocate;
  • a support organisation, or;
  • family or friends of the supported person.

Providers can take a lead role in the support planning process if that is the wish of the supported person.

Top tips

What are the things and people that are important the person who receives support?

Where do they go to get the information they need?

What are the main things they can do themselves without support?

What are the main risks they face and how can you manage them together?

What are the things they want to do?

How do they want their support arranged?

Who are the people who can help you do the things you want to do?

What are the things (like information or funding) that will help you to do the things you want to do?