To keep up with a person’s changing life and circumstances it is essential the support plan is regularly reviewed.

What does it mean for the person receiving support?

Reviews should be empowering for the individual. It is an opportunity for them to express what is working well in their support and what is not working well and needs changed.

What does it mean for the support provider?

Ensuring that the reviews are person-centred and outcomes-focusses and that the person and people close to them are at the centre of the process.

Making sure the person is aware that they have the power to change both the way their support is arranged and paid for and what support is provided.

Being prepared to change the way you deliver support to achieve the best possible outcomes for the supported person.

Top tips

  • Listen to what the person wants to say about their lives, their values and abilities.
  • Ask what the person thinks is wrong and can be changed.
  • Be ready to share the agenda and give the person choices about how things are done.
  • Offer an advocate who can build a relationship with them that will see them through the changes and challenges they may face.
  • Find ways to make meetings relaxed with breaks and alternative ways of presenting information if wanted.
  • Remember that information and trust go hand in hand, one can help build up the other.