The advent of Self- directed Support triggered organisational change for many providers. This change was led in a number of ways- including the creation of new ‘ SDS lead’ roles or an extension of remit for business development workers and teams. These workers and teams faced the challenge of leading a diverse set of changes across their organisation, often without positional authority.

In 2015 we provided an action learning programme to support these workers (report and resources below.) This formed the foundation for a range of semi- structured action learning programmes that include.

2018-19 Embracing the Chaos creating complexity competent leaders in social care.

2017-18 Coping with Complexity cross- organisational systems leadership

2016-17 Coping With Cuts cross organisational leadership in times of austerity.

2015-16 Doing Things Differently cross organisational leadership in redesigning residential children’s services.

Tracking progress

Progress for Providers is a suite of very useful tools from Helen Sanderson Associates. These allow organisations to establish a baseline for their personalisation practice and track progress. The tools cover all aspects of the organisation and there are specialist versions available for different types of service and supports.


Useful Downloads