Emerging workforce approaches

Fully personalised recruitment model 

This is where the supported person chooses the team around them. The team is attached to the person, rather than the organisation. This highly personalised approach is taken by organisations such as C- Change and Partners for Inclusion.

Semi- personalised recruitment model

Here the supported person can express their preference for different workers and the organisation can work to meet those preferences. This is explored in detail in two books from the English service provider- Dimensions.

Values based recruitment

Here the provider is guided in a more general way by supported people (e.g. service user groups within the organisation) to understand what makes for a good support worker. However, matching by interest (for example) is not a factor. This approach is used by organisations working to a recovery model where the support worker role is seen as that of a recovery coach/supporter working from a strong values base.

Self-organising teams

Various organisations are exploring this approach, based primarily on the Buurtzorg model. Local Cornerstone are currently implementing this approach as well as a number of NHS teams.