As people take different degrees of control over their support providers are adopting different ways of organising their workforce to deliver flexible, tailored support to people.

With the introduction of the Scottish Living Wage in social care and the focus on Fair Work in both social care procurement and practice providers are managing a number of workforce related initiatives that can be in tension with the flexibilities of Self-directed Support.

Approaches to workforce are evolving with the adoption of new recruitment models; new organisational structures and the growing use of digital solutions to support the workforce. Other organisations have focussed on culture, rather than structure, promoting a personalisation ethos through values based recruitment; outcomes based supervision and personalisation focussed training, management and leadership.

Self-directed Support influences a range of workforce issues including:

  • Recruitment
  • Pay and reward
  • Training, development and progression
  • Flexibility and scheduling
  • Supporting and supervising
  • Leadership

 Key resources  

CCPS’ Workforce Development Network 

Research into the implications of Self-directed Support for the workforce

 The Fair Work convention